98 Can and can't

今天我们将学习英文中一个非常常用的表达:can(能)与can’t(不能)。我们一起来先学习以下句子:Can you play the piano?(你能弹钢琴吗)Can you speak English?(你能说英语吗)对这类问题我们做出肯定的回答,我们要说Yes, I can.(是的,我可以)对这类问题,我们做出否定的回答,我们要说No, I can’t.(不,我不能) 当我们要提问“能或不能”时,我们要把can提至句首,例如:Can you speak Thai?(你能说泰语吗)Can you play basketball?(你会打篮球吗)再来学习以下几个含有can的句子:In Hangzhou you can see many beautiful ...

99 Can and can't II

上节课我们已经学习了can和can’t,这节课我们将继续学习can(能,可以)。首先我们来思考这个问题:What can you do in your city?(你在你的城市里可以做什么)In my city, you can visit beautiful places.(在我的城市,你可以去许多美丽的地方)You can eat delicious food.(你可以品尝美味的食物)You can visit museums.(你可以参观博物馆)You can go to the ...


Verbs, Can, Vocabulary

589 A trip to Costa Rica!

Clase del curso de ingles tu aprendes ahora are you OK? (estás bien?). Follow our methodology (sigue nuestra metodología). When you watch our classes (cuando ...


Can, Modal verbs, Past

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