33 Who, where, what

我们今天将学习疑问词Who(谁)。先来看几个例句:Who is your favorite actor?(谁是你最喜欢的男演员)My favorite actor is Brad Pitt.(我最喜欢的男演员是布拉德皮特);Who is your favorite player?(你最喜欢的运动员是谁?)My favorite player is…(我最喜欢的运动员是……);Who is she?(她是谁)She’s my sister.(她是我的姐妹);Who’s he?(他是谁)He’s my father.(他是我爸爸)。接下来请试着回答以下几个问题:Who is ...

45 Questions with "Who"

今天我们将复习Who的用法。试着回答以下问题:Who eats breakfast?(谁吃早饭)Who gets up early?(谁早起)Who exercises at night?(谁夜晚锻炼)Who sings in the shower? (谁洗澡的时候唱歌)Who speaks English?(谁说英语)


Questions, Who

81 Present Continuous with Wh Questions

今天我们将学习现在进行时的疑问句形式。现在进行时的结构就是Verb to be + ING。让我们先看看以下疑问句:Are you studying?(你正在学习吗)Are you working?(你正在工作吗)Is she swimming?(你正在游泳吗)Is he walking?(他正在散步吗)Are they playing football?(他们正在踢足球吗)Are they playing volleyball?(他们正在打排球吗)现在我们再来学习现在进行时的特殊疑问句,我们只需要在句首加上特殊疑问词,例如:What are you doing now?(你现在正在做什么)Where are you ...

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