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今天我们将学习家庭成员的英文说法。在英语里“家庭”叫做Family。家庭成员也叫做Family,此时为可数名词。让我们先来学习各个家庭成员的英文:Mother(母亲);Father(父亲);Parents(家长);Daughter(女儿);Son(儿子);Children(孩子);Sister(姐妹);Brother(兄弟);Grandparents(祖父母);Grandma = Grandmother(祖母);Grandpa = Grandfather(祖父);Wife(妻子);Husband(丈夫)。我们再来学习两个句子:What’s your father like?(你的爸爸是怎样的人)He is shy.(他很害羞);What’s your mother like?(你的妈妈是怎样的人)She’s fun.(她很有趣)。试着回答以下问题:What’s your grandfather like?(你的祖父是怎样的人);What’s your grandmother like?(你的祖母是怎样的人);What’s your wife like?(你的妻子是怎样的人);What’s your husband ...


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R Resumen Avanzado II

Congratulations! YEAH!!! You've finished Advanced II and it's time to go on Fluent level! I'm super happy to see your progress, my friend! All the ...


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